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Stampin' Up Orders

Thanks for considering an order via Sandra's Cards!


Ordering in bulk makes our discount bigger!

To order Stampin' Up Products, please:

  1. consult the catalogues and choose your items

  2. choose the bulk order date from the list below and click the envelope button to contact me via Facebook

  3. let me know which bulk order date you want to join via Facebook message and we'll arrange it together!



Bulk Order Dates
28 April 2023 - Last chance items
20 May 2024 - New catalogue

Click the envelope to go to Facebook. Send me a message, saying which bulk order date you'd like to join. 

Remember, it's better to join a bulk order if you want to buy supplies from Stampin' Up because we can all benefit from the discounts that will apply!

(If you don't have an active Facebook page but would still like to place a Stampin' Up order, please click here and send me a message via my Contact page.)


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