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Challenge de Fevrier

I was invited to join the challenge for the month of February 2023, over on the Crafting with Nathalie Facebook group.

The rules for the challenge were:

  • colour theme of red

  • acrostic, using design elements that begin with the letters of the word LOVE, i.e L for Ladybug, O for oval.

I'm thrilled to show you my entry for this challenge.

While trying to figure out which acrostic design element(s) to use, I thought of ladybugs, then thought ladybugs were too obvious. I wanted to see if I could come up with something for the trickier letters O or V. So, I thought of vegetables, and something triggered in my memory.

Wasn't there a fruit or vegetable that is colloquially called the 'fruit of love'?

I looked it up, and it's the tomato, aka "pomme d'amour", aka the 'love apple'.

How appropriate!

So, taking L for 'love apple', I found an image of tomatoes online and coloured them with the following Copic markers:

Fruit red: R89 R27 R08 YR09 YR04 YR23

Greens: YG00 YG05 FYG2 YG09 G07

YG17 YG03 G94 G29

I made them more vibrant by adding multiple layers of colours, not just one sweep of colour.

This was the result!

I tried to emulate the following picture of a tomato, to help me figure out shading and brush strokes. It was difficult!

Once they were coloured, I cut them out and layered them on two shades of red cardstock, to make sure I was keeping to the red theme for the challenge.

The white backing behind the love apples was made with the Thin Cuts Decorative Texture background die #Z4436 by Uniquely Creative. (I let a bunch of the tiny design cut pieces fall out randomly round the edges!)

Then, I added a pre-made sentiment strip also by Uniquely Creative and added my own ending 'day ♡' from a die I bought from Ebay a long time ago.

A bit of Glossy Accents was added to the heart, and it was complete! Here's the end result!

Let's wait and see how it goes in the challenge!

To join the challenge, head to It's a free, no obligation group to join and share your crafty creations.


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