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Colouring faces

I am trying to practice colouring faces whenever I find a good image.

This digi by LaLaLand is super cute and good for face colouring.

I decided on boy colours only because I've recently made quite a few pink themed girls cards.

This is how it turned out!

The Copic Markers that I used for colouring were:

Beanie/socks: B37 B34 B32 B41

Binkie blue: B16 B14 B12 B01 B000

White: C5 C3 C1 C00

Brown: E57 E55 E53 E51 E50

Skin: E04 E02 E01 E00 E000 E0000

Cheeks: RV23 RV21 RV00 RV0000

How did I approach the colouring?

Well, I knew that I wanted the beanie to be powdery-blue, so I coloured that first. Then, matched the booties, bowtie and underclothing. Blue and white stripes came next, and then the white overclothing. The teddy was always going to be brown, and the baby's hair ended up the same to keep consistent colours happening. Then, it was skin, which I made pale to accentuate the pink of the cheeks.

Particular techniques:

  • Colour an area once, then redo the same colours over the top, then add one more layer of the darkest colour in the darkest shadow areas for extra contrast.

  • Dark colours in areas with deep shadows. Pale colours in areas with more light shining on it.

  • Cheeks... start with a circular motion of the darkest pink colour, then circle outward with the next colour until finishing the outside area with the palest pink.

  • Bowtie... Add extra dark lines for bow folds.

  • Add some shine to the binkie by leaving a small strip of white (no colour).

  • Add detail to ears by using darkest skin tone to draw inner ear and fade to pale colours for the earlobe and top rim of ear.

  • Colour binkie in a completely different colour to the beanie... because clothing can be bought in matching colour sets, but accessories like binkies are rarely the exact same colour as the clothes.

  • Add detail to nose area and eyebrows to give some facial depth. use darkest skin tone marker to create nostrils flared out a bit at the bottom and then angling up into a gentle triangle shape. Go through dark shades on the outside of the nose and blend into the rest of the skin. Only use paler skin tones on the nose, leaving the top of the nose ridge as the palest colour. Add the darkest shade of skin tone to just under the eyebrows and extend a bit to form the brow. Blend the next skin tone shades down toward the eyes to creat a slight brow shadow.

The next step was to mount it on a card with some complementary backing paper.

What do you think?

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