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Drawer and Mirror

I've been wanting to make a fancy fold card in the shape of a drawer and mirror for quite a while now, but never really had the incentive. I thought it might be for a baby card but it ended up being for a girl's birthday.


To start it all off, I coloured up a Conie Fong image called "Sweet Annabelle". You can find it at

I'd chosen brown and cream colours for the card backing, so I had to stick to warm colours for Annabelle. I had a lot of fun trying to get the folds of her skirt right. Here are the Copic marker colours that I used:

Skin: E02 E01 E00 E000 E0000

Yellows: Y00 Y11 Y21 Y15 Y19

White/Grey: C6 C4 C2 C0 C00

Pinks: RV29 R35 R32 R30 R000

Greens: YG23 G24 G99

Brown (hair): E30 E31 E34 E35 E39

Brown (basket): E23 E25 E27 E29

Colourless blender & White gel pen

Once she was coloured, I fussy cut around the edge.

Making the card base

The next step was the card base. I took an 8 inch template from Pinterest and sized it up a bit to 10 inches. Using brown cardstock, I cut and folded to get the longest side on the right and the multiple folds on the left.

After adding cream cardstock for the drawers and sticking on yellow dots for handles, I fussed over the mirror. I didn't know if I should use small or large dies to for the mirror but I went with large. The inner die, a stitched oval with internal scallop, created the shiny mirror-board surface.

I glued the mirror to the card base and then played around with where to put Annabelle. I couldn't cover too much of the drawers or the mirror, so she went in the middle.

Building the card

Stampin' Up have a stamp set called "Dressed in impress". It includes these cute stamps - perfume bottle and lipstick. I coloured them using the same markers as Annabelle. Find the set at

In the same stamp set, they have a sentiment which reads "Life is short. Buy the shoes." I thought this was great! If Annabelle's in her bedroom getting ready to go out (and pick flowers, lol), then she has clothes in the drawers, perfume to smell nice, some lippy and a mirror to make sure it all goes on properly. But...what doesn't she have?

Shoes! No shoes on her feet. Maybe she should go and buy the shoes!

I stuck these items into their places on the card and stamped a generic happy birthday stamp onto a scrap that I'd previously set aside for a future project. I then coloured a few small white flowers that looked similar to those in Annabelle's basket and affixed them here and there for prettiness.

This is the final result! When you turn the card to the side, or simply have it opened up wide, you can see the lipstick properly.

Did you know that I intentionally dragged a glue eraser diagonally across the shiny mirror surface? I thought it might make it look a little bit more arty. lol

Do you know a girl who likes to dress to impress? Maybe she'd like this card for her birthday?! Find it at Then, maybe this card can be on display on her bedside tables!

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