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Enderman Cake!

Have you ever been inspired to create?

Then, you'll know why I decided to make an Enderman cake!

I know it's not papercraft or earrings, but I just had to share. 😁

What's an Enderman? He's a creature from the Minecraft game and one of my son's current favourites.

Here he is:

So, how did I make a cake in this shape? With some difficulty!

This cake was made via a very easy process. Nothing too special. Just having fun!

1. Use your favourite cake recipe for the cake. Cook in a square cake tin.

2. Make or buy frosting (preferably chocolate, for the darker colour).

3. Cut square cake in the shape of a head and torso - left side.

4. Cut arms and legs from right side of cake leftovers) and assemble.

5. Add frosting.

6. Lay licorice straps down on arms and legs (cut to length).

7. Squash pieces of soft flat licorice and place on body and head.

8. Purple smarties for eyes.

Ta da!

Please pardon the messy dish and the icing/frosting everywhere! I wasn't trying to be a connsumate chef or baker or cake decorator. 😅😊

I hope you enjoyed seeing a cakey Enderman 'come to life'. Hahaha

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