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Fully copic

I was browsing the internet for ideas the other day and found a brilliantly coloured card with a black background.

Since it's very hard to create a colourful pattern on a black card background without sticking down die cuts etc, I wondered how the maker did it.

Their trick was to stamp flowers on white card, colour them, and then fill in the background using the black copic marker.

Wondering if I could do the same, I stamped a flower design that I liked, embossed it, and then coloured with copics.

From afar, the black copic colouring looks great, but up close I can see the blending joins.

Overall, it is such a beautiful, bright card that (even with it's flaws) I'm sure someone would love to receive it.

What do you think?

Have you found another way to add colour to a black background? If so, please share!

If you're interested in creating this for yourself, here are the copics that I used. I also used a white gel pen for the flower centres.

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