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Mermaid Ahoy!

It seems that a lot of people like mermaids at the moment. They're enigmatic, pretty and have a certain kind of fluid gracefulness.

I've coloured two of Conie Fong's mermaid digital images recently, both in very different colour schemes. Both are "Ariela Mermaid" and can be purchased here:

The first one turned out very bright!

She was coloured with Copic Markers:

Browns: E37 E35 E53 E51 E50

Hair: E37 E35 Y17 Y00

Mauve: V04 V01 V000

Blues: B69 B66 BG49 BG05 BG45 BG11 B45 B41

Yellows/Oranges: YR09 YR16 Y06 Y00

Red: R89 R24

Skin: E04 E02 E01 E00 E000 E0000

Greens: G05 YG09 YG06 YG11

Clear blender

The second one was much more subtle, especially the background water shine.

This one was coloured with:

Yellow coral: R22 YR27 YR23 YR21 Y11 E77

Starfish: RV69 R27 R24 R22

Brown and pink shell: RV66 RV14 RV11 RV0000 E02 E01 E30 E000 E0000

E77 E74 E71 E70 E04 E01

Blue anemone and bubbles: B69 B66 B23 B63 B60

Jellyfish: Y11 B66 B23 B63 B60 RV19 RV17 RV55 RV63 RV52

Skin: E04 E02 E01 E00 E000 E0000

Mermaid flowers and legs: RV19 RV17 RV55 RV63 RV52

Mermaid bra, frill skirt and tail: RV69 RV66 RV14 RV13 RV11 RV0000

Dark stones: T8 T6 T3 T1

Green coral: BG78 G19 G05 BG23 BG01 BG0000

Hair: E74 E71 Y21 Y11 E51

Sand: E71 YR21 Y11 E51 E0000

Clear blender

The sentiment was manually created in Microsoft Word before Ariela's digital image was printed. Interesting note, the rays of light were drawn in with a lead pencil and then 90% erased to colour over the top. Also, both the jellyfish and the mermaid's 'legs' were covered in a light layer of Stickles glitter glue.

I couldn't cut either of them down to a good size to layer onto a greeting card. So, for the second one, I basically just cut it as small as I dared and mounted it on some matching card.

The first one was a bit easier to cut down, and it was mounted with some fish and a seahorse that I'd coloured separately but didn't end up using.

I hope you like the end results! Cards can be found in my shop at:

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