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How to make a Minecraft background!

Today, I decided to design a Minecraft card. I've already coloured an Alex character, and I'm hoping to colour some animals too.

But, my main problem is how to make a background!

I toyed with the idea of embossing folders, and had one good idea. Then I looked at some cards floating around on the internet. Some of them use a pixel-style green and brown Minecraft background. I don't have any gamer-themed papers, and I'm not interested in crepe paper squares art. The last thing I want to do is use a printout.

So, I decided on manual labour instead...I coloured my own pixel art background!


I ruled lines 1cm apart in pencil to make a grid (alternatively, you could use pre-made grid paper).

I took a screen shot of a Minecraft land slice - a random picture from a Google search (marked with a red star in the picture below).

Grabbing my Copic colours chart, I did my best to match each shade of green and brown to marker shades.

Here are the Copic colours that I used:


  • FYG2

  • YG07

  • YG45

  • YG09

  • G12


  • E39

  • E37

  • Y28

  • E15

  • E13

  • E55

  • E21


  • W6

Then, starting with the darkest and palest shades (to use as reference points), I coloured each square, roughly copying the pattern on my screenshot. I added some extra variation to make the design more my own.

I used the medium broad square-edged end of the copic marker to get straight edges while colouring. In some cases, I went over the same square again with the super brush for uniform colour dispersal. But in most cases, I left a line down the centre where the ink overlapped. If you don't like the central line then I recommend finalising all squares with the brush tip.

End result...a Minecraft background!

Make it as big as you like, but just remember that the colouring takes a lot of time. 😉

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