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More colouring!

I've been doing some more colouring lately, with the idea that I might enter the pieces in some more Conie Fong Art and Design competitions.

Butterfly wishes in blue and black

This one is made with an incorrectly oversized print of Conie Fong's digital stamp called "Butterfly Wishes". I was going to throw it out but I decided to colour it anyway and see how it goes!

Digital stamp, Copic colouring
"Butterfly Wishes" by Conie Fong coloured and turned into a greeting card by Sandra's Cards.

Did you notice how she has freckles? I did not originally intend to add freckles but when some of the black ink from her hair was accidentally dragged into the colouring of her skin on her cheeks, I felt like the blemishes were too hard to overlook. I added freckles over the top and I think this sneaky cover tactic worked about 95%.

If you want to know how I coloured it, I started with the hair. I started with black in the dips in the hair and worked my way out into the lighter grey colours in places where I thought there would be light shine. I then worked on the blue flowers and her dress. I used a dark dot bled into a lighter wider dot to create the pattern on the upper part of the bodice of her dress. The butterflies were coloured next, using some purples and blues. When colouring the hair, I made sure to leave the flame halo uncoloured until completing the yellows later (using greys, pale browns and dark yellow on her hair). Last came the cake, and then finally the skin. I wonder if I should colour skin first next time, to avoid ink bleeding?

Sally's Christmas Friends in rustic greens and reds

This particular card was made with a digital stamp from Conie Fong Art and Design called "Sally's Christmas Friends".

I didn't want it to look bright and colourful. I wanted to use colours that gave the image a rustic look. I hope I pulled it off!

digital stamp, copic colouring, christmas card
"Sally's Christmas Friends" by Conie Fong colouring and greeting card by Sandra's Cards

For this one, I started with the red colours, using a very drastic change from dark to light red in wan colours. The birds remained dull in greys and pale red. Then, I coloured the greens of the Christmas tree and matched it to her eyes, boots, gloves, pants and hat decoration. The birds, baubles and gifts were coloured next. The very last items coloured were the shadows on the ground and the pale green shadows behind the girl and the tree.

For the Copic marker colours used, please refer to the photos below.

I hope you enjoyed perusing my latest colouring attempts!


Sandra's Cards

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