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The Treehouse

Updated: Aug 4

Whenever I start colouring something, I sometimes find myself picturing the digital image with a particular background.

Have you wondered why I joined the Design Team for Conie Fong Art? I'm drawn to her digital images somehow. I really like them.

Some of her images make it really easy to design for her, like the "Hello Little Friend Bundle" found here.

When I saw the cute little bunny giving the butterfly a big flower, I instantly imagined them outside a treehouse of some kind. After looking around on the web, I found a wonderful colouring page with a mushroom-style treehouse.

Using Microsoft Word, I digitally layered both images and printed it for colouring!

Here's the colouring process...

I left the top left of the area as white space so I could add a sentiment there later on when making the card.

Here's how it turned out!