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Travel adventures

Updated: 6 days ago

Many of us love travelling - it's a fact! We all have our favourite destinations and they're all different.

What if you loved the orient and wanted to visit Japan or China in the Springtime? I'd love to see the cherry blossom / sakura event myself.

That's why I designed this card with background paper that went with the colours I used in the central image - pinks and bluish-purples.

I found an oriental temple colouring page, modified it, added another cherry blossom tree by hand and then layered the Conie Fong image "Winter Sweethearts" over the top. Find the digistamp here.

I wanted the scene to look like it could be a photo of the two characters on a holiday or vacation.

The idea of a Farewell sentiment came to me afterwards, with the thought that perhaps this card would be for a couple who were temporarily leaving to go on a long trip.

The colouring used a mixture of techniques, ranging from dotting for grass and cherry trees, black shine, pom-pom flecked with white gel pen strokes, streaky clouds/sky, and black fine-liner detail after colouring the temple.