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Central Park

I wanted to create a scene with Copic markers but nothing was inspiring me.

Then, I thought of the many cute Conie Fong digital images of boys and thought I could combine one or two together to make a scene.

Once I decided on 'Basketball Benny' and 'Skateboarding Benny', I looked through my own saved image backgrounds and found one with this city park. I faded the lines on the image and layered the boys on top. I used Microsoft Word to add a Happy Birthday text box and the age six clip art.

Then the colouring began! By the end, I thought this looked a bit like Central Park in the US or somewhere similar.

Once the colouring was done, I added a frame and let the scene create the card design.

This card is obviously for a child who's turning six. However, it can be stretched to be used for twins.

As always, my cards are only $5 each and are available in my shop.

Copics used were:

Sky: FBG2 B01 B00 B000 B0000

Blue Skateboard: FB2 B14 FBG2

Blue pants, building and birds: B99 B37 B45 B93

Grey buildings: T7 T5 T3 T1 E57 W7 W5 W3

Lamps: W7 W5 W3 C00 E33 E31 E30

Browns (tree trunk, hair, bird, path): E57 E25 E23 E21 E33 E31 E30 C0 C00

Bushes and grass: G99 YG67 G07 YG25 G43 G21 G20 G40 YG01 YG0000

Bench seat: C4 C2 C0 C00 E30

Skin: E01 E00 E000 E0000

Yellow: Y19 Y13 Y11

Reds: R89 R29 R08

Basketball and shoes: YR27 YR07 YR04 YR23 YR00

White: C2 C0 C00

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