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Easter friendship

Hi Everyone!

I'm still guest designing and colouring for Conie Fong this month.

Knowing that Easter is on its way, I decided to make a card that doesn't include traditional Easter images. It features a cute butterfly giving a flower to her friend, The Easter bunny.

I think they're enjoying hanging out together in a warm forest of mushrooms.

How the overall image was created

The sentiment comes from a Conie Fong digi stamp and so were the two friends and the mushrooms. It's called "Hello Little Friend Bundle" and if you love it you can buy it at

The "Happy Easter" wording was created by me and added to the digi stamp design. I resized and rotated the mushrooms and layered them to create a group.

Then, I layered the full image of bunny, butterfly and mushroom cluster in front. I fiddled around with the sizing and found the best layout. Once I was happy with it, I printed it out.

How it was coloured

The first step was deciding the colour scheme. I knew I wanted red mushrooms with white spots, so I offset it with a yellow flower.

The thing was, what colour would I make the mushroom stalks and the underside of the cups?

I'd seen white and pink before but I wanted something different. What had I seen in real life before? Browny-pink colours. So that's what I did! The stalks contain more pink than the underside of the cups.

Bright greens for the grass were used next and then teals for the butterfly. The bunny would be pale so that it would stand out against the other brights.

A thin yellow halo around everything finished it off.

Here are the Copic marker colours that I used:

Mushroom tops: R89 R29 R08 R05 R02 R01 RV42 R12 C1

Underside of mushrooms: R89 R29 E79 E18 E15 E13 E11

Mushroom stalks: E19 E04 R32 RV42 R12

Bunny: E57 E55 E51 E50 RV21 RV10 RV000

Greens: BG49 BG45 BG11 BG90 G12 G16 YG17 YG23 YG01 YG0000

Black: 100 C8 C5

Yellows: YR09 Y17 Y08 Y04 Y11 Y00 Y0000

Card edges: R00 R000 R0000

The card

It turned out to be quite a large image overall, so I cut it so that it was square. I layered some red, yellow and green cardstock behind it, and then attached it to a white base card - 15 x 15cm.

This is a case where you have to let the image bask in the limelight. Any further embellishment would have detracted from the coloured cuteness!

My card can be purchased for Easter via my shop at

Do you have any Easter requests? Let me know via a comment here, on Facebook or on Instagram!

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