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Every Mother's Day should be like this!

Every year on Mother's Day, I wake up in the morning and wonder if the boys have anything in store for me. I don't expect any breakfast or gifts...but a little show of appreciation is always nice. One thing I would really love is to not have to enter the kitchen for the entire day. I cook and wash dishes etc, but they're not exactly my favourite things to do. I'd rather be colouring! So, I figured maybe it was a good idea to display this idea on the front of a Mother's Day card. I grabbed Conie Fong's "Bouquet Benny" and digitally layered him on top of a kitchen colouring page. Click here to see Benny's digital stamp for sale:  As you can see, I coloured in the whole thing! The sentiment was added manually over the top of the digital image mash-up before I printed it, so I just had to colour around it.  The Copic marker colours used were: Flowers: YR16 Y38 Y17 Y15 Y13 Blue: B18 B23 B21 Leaves: G28 G17 G14 YG25 Skin: E04 E02 E01 E00 E000 E0000 Sunflower centres: Y17 W4 W7 Black fine-liner Hair brown: E57 E99 E97 E21 E30 Grey: C1 C00 W9 W7 C3 Blue denim: B99 B97 B95 B93 B000 Blue shirt: B97 B93 B000 Kitchen cabinets: E53 E51 E50 I forgot some of the others sorry, but many colours were repeated on small kitchen items. Once I'd coloured the entire scene, I struggled to cut it down to a regular card size. So, to compromise, I made a larger than usual card base and mounted my colouring on that. Here 'tis!  I coloured some small stamped blue flowers, and then found the cup of tea/coffee colouring that had been sitting in my offcuts tray. As you can see, I put it to good use. You can make a mother's dream come true this year! Give her this card and follow through with the promise. I know I'd love that! You can find this card for sale in my shop here:

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